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The Crew at Widget's


Pogi was our first resident. He was part of a very large rescue from a breeder who went under. He is a very cute silver-sable who just never found the right spot in anyone's life & is now at the age where no one wants to adopt him. He is about three and a half years old and is a very loving & gentle boy.

We call him Buddha Butt in the Winter because he gets so fat. And in the Summer, he is so small that we are always looking for the rest of him.

Smokey Joe:

Smokey Joe came from the same rescue as Pogi. He's always been skinny and small for a male ferret. At the age of two years we discovered he had a severe adrenal problem along with insulinoma. After surgery removing both adrenal glands & half his pancreas, he recovered very well. While he's still rather small, he shows no other sign that he was ever ill.

He plays a little slower than the others, but is right there when you need a lap ferret and want someone to give kisses.


This guy was the first ferret we decided to keep as our very own after moving here to Florida. He is such a character! He loves to get out & play, all the while dooking up a storm. He is so active that it is hard to hold him unless you have a treat. At the same time, he is just to sweet & has such an innocent looking face.

His favorite thing is getting into cabinets and hiding in the drawers. Gee, that doesn't sound like a FERRET at all, does it?


Gizmo was given to us by another shelter operator that didn't have the time or space to care for him. He is around eight years old & is totally deaf. When he came here, he was so fat that we called him "water balloon", but since he has been given free run, he has slimed down rather nicely. While showing his age and moving like a snail, he still manages to beg for his share of raisins and treats.

He is not found of other ferrets but has learned to tolerate them. If they leave him alone he won't bother them for the most part.

Riki & Tiki:

Riki (top) & Tiki (bottom) are twin brothers sent to us by Judy Moon of Moonsong Ferretry. They are the ferrets of which dreams are made. They are so big, fluffy and lovable, you have to see them to appreciate just how beautiful they really are.

We have had them since they were nine weeks old & have allowed them to reach full maturity before neutering them. Both now weigh in over the five pound mark.

They are exact opposites in personality. Riki is really laid back and gentle. It takes a lot to get him riled up, which makes him quite the snuggler. Tiki, on the other hand, is a “wild man”. He gets carried away and goes into dancing fits, falling all over himself, at the slightest thing.


About three months ago I was offered a chance to bring home Moonsong's Zima, as she was being retired from breeding. At the age of two & after having only two litters, I just couldn't say no. She is, without a doubt, the sweetest, little, light silver panda I have ever seen.

She has free run of the entire house & kicks Riki and Tiki’s butts whenever she can get to them. What a mom, huh?

She loves to hide in the cabinets and has taken ferret-proofing to a whole new level for me.

She still is not too sure how to play & gets so excited that she falls over & runs away because even her own play spooks her a bit.


Toodles is a ferret that we have only had for about six weeks. She was purchased and returned to the pet store the same day. We had to pay for her to get her out of that bad situation.

When she came home, she started following my wife everywhere she went. She'd walk right between her feet & would not leave her for any reason.

I had her adopted out & when my wife found out, the sh*t really hit. Suddenly, we had a new ferret.

She also has free run of the house & has even been caught sleeping with my wife on her pillow or on her chest.

Thanks for stopping by & meeting the kids!

All pictures are property of J.D. Please obtain permission before "borrowing". Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001.

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