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The Closet Caper

I shuffled to my closet door and slowly looked around.
I saw no little fuzzies. I heard no fuzzy sounds.
As I stepped through the doorway (a move that seemed quite safe),
A blur of fur shot past me, ready for the chase.

He danced and pranced and chuckled, just beyond my reach.
Under shelves and into shoes. He flew across my feet.
He taunted me and giggled. He showed no sign of fear.
He'd quickly dart the other way whenever I drew near.

I rounded up the treat box and shook it all about.
But he remembered last time that was how I lured him out.
I promised him a raisin and a Cheerio or two.
He would not even listen. There was nothing I could do.

He romped and ran and rambled. He had such a blast.
I tried but could not catch him. The boy was way too fast.
He grabbed a sock, sailed out the door, then headed for the stairs,
Glancing back as if to say "Come get me if you dare!".

Too tired to try to follow him, I had been outdone.
That ferret game was over. The rascal knew he'd won!
I made a vow right then and there, he'll sneak past me no more.
I'll have to find that scamp before I touch the closet door!

Written By: Beth Reburn, Oct 1997

"The Closet Caper" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.