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In Memory of the Little Ones

You came into my life
often unexpected
Neither you nor I planned it
this way
When you were born
so innocent, so pure
so full of love
How could you know
What life held for you?
And now you are with me
left without a home
You are older than your years
Thin and tired
Abandoned by those you loved
I hold you and I cry
I am left to escort you
to the Bridge
I cry because I have no memory
of your dancing
of your kisses
of your love
I have only the task of
trying to provide
in so little time
the love you deserve
I do not know the first
moments of your life
But I know the last
moments of your life
were filled with
all the love I could give
to one so tiny
The sky will be brighter tonight
for you have taken
a small piece of my heart with you
to shine and provide
the light for those who are lost
without a home
May your light guide them to me

Written by: Liane Beckwith

"In Memory of the Little Ones" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.