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You said you loved me

I was small, afraid and alone when you saw me.
You said I was too little to be there alone so you bought me.
You said you were afraid, and alone, divorced you said, unloved.
But you said you'd love me.

We went everywhere together, work, play, movies.
We were best friends, we would be together forever,
Because you said you loved me.

You started leaving me at home,
a few hours in a cage, you never did before,
You said you loved me.

You said you met someone, he didn't like me.
But that was ok.
All I had to do was live in my cage when he was around.
You said you loved me.

You took me to a place, you said just for a few days.
You left me there with other ferrets, I was scared,
You said you loved me.

You came back and got me, took me home.
You put me back in that cage days at a time alone.
But you said you loved me.

He came to live with you,
And told you I had to go, I smelled, and so did the cage.
But you said you loved me.

You took me back to the shelter this time forever.
You said you didn't have time, he was there.
But you said you loved me.

I was scared, and alone again.
Shelter Mom cried,
I wouldn't eat,
I started to bite,
And all because you said you loved me.

Shelter Mom can't make me eat,
I just want to sleep, the vet is confused.
How can a healthy ferret be so ill?
A broken heart is what I have.
You said you loved me.
You see I chose not to live, I chose to wait at the bridge.
I can not live without you, and there I will wait.
You said you loved me.

Now as I cross the Rainbow Bridge,
Shelter Mom cries, she said she loved me, too.

Remember this, I will always love you.

This is for all the shelter ferrets that have crossed the bridge because of broken hearts.

Written by: Jean Caputo-Lee

"You said you loved me" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.