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A Fuzzy's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
In my blankie, snuggled deep,
One more yawn to end the day,
Tomorrow I will romp and play!

So God, if you could stay the night
To make sure I am covered tight,
Tomorrow there's so much to do
Before it's time to go with you...

My mommy taped up on the fridge
A poem about a special bridge...
I heard her cry again, tonight,
So maybe you could hold her tight
Until it's time for me to go,
(My people here still need me so)...

Oh, God, if only I could live!

I still have so much love to give...

Written by: Lizzi B

"A Fuzzy's Prayer" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.