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A Ferret in Every Space

I live a very chaotic life
With ferrets in every space.
And when I go to sleep at night
They think it is their place
To find my toes and give a good bite for under the covers
They fit just right.

Now I live without the luxury
Of fragile items set low
For you can never tell a ferret a place where it can't go.

But, to live without
Ferret in every space
Would be a sorry life indeed
For what other creature could keep me up to speed.

I will never live without a ferret
And this I can uphold
I will have a ferret in every space
Until I am gray and old.

For we should be well aware that ferrets are complex creatures
They wonder about the house
In every space
And give it it's homey features.

Now some think my home is to small to share with many ferrets
But my heart has so much room and it is best to share it!!

Written by: Stephanie Sheme 1999

"A Ferret in Every Space" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.