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To Sparky

Life can be hard, life can be sweet,
Having a ferret is one huge treat.

Sparky's my girl, my very best friend,
Her joy is contagious, it does not end.

She wants to play, she wants a treat,
She wants to hide, she wants my feet.

No time for kisses, cuddles, or hugs,
Got to inspect the closets, the cabinets, and rugs.

When GOD see his creation, he surely must smile,
Dooking, and dancing, and toys in a pile.

No one knows what's coming, no one knows what's in store,
So each day love your fuzzies more & more & more.

Written by: Pat Derose

"To Sparky" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.