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Things My Ferrets Have Taught Me
Fun is important
Joy is contagious
Raisins are an aphrodisiac
All objects are essentially just toys
Hair, nails, and teeth are priorities
Grooming is necessary
Playtime is anytime
Corners are cozy
Bananas are soul food
Messy is O.K.
Humor is important
Forgiveness is important
Goofy has its place
Stairs can be dangerous
Love takes time
I mustn't take myself too seriously
Naps are essential
Cats aren't all that smart
Teasing is an art form
Celebration is too
Adventure is tantalizing
Curiosity has its own reward
And if it kills the cat, who cares!
Fear is pointless
Nipping the occasional butt is not
Life is precious and quickly ended
Love is all

Written by: C. Demers

"Things My Ferrets Have Taught Me" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.