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Without You Here

without you

I can sleep one hour more in the morning

I don't have to guard my latte foam

I can leave my shoes in the middle of the floor and

I don't have to watch where I sit

without you

I can leave the little doors unlatched

my belt loops are safe from attack

I can write letters with no one walking on top and

I can check the mail with the door wide open

without you

I'd have lost so much laughter

I'd have missed out on all of your love

We wouldn't have had those wild playtimes and

The world wouldn't have been so bright

without you

Bub, you will always be with me

I am rich in memory and I'll never be

without you here...

Written By: Kate Pappas (Rainers Beach Pub. Lib)
in memory of Emmet Kelly the Brave anomaly, the ferret

"Without You Here" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.