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To the tune of Frosty....

Freddy the ferret was a jolly happy soul
With a chocolate mask and a button nose
and two eyes made out of coal

Freddy the ferret is a fairy tale they say
He was skin and bones and the shelter
knows how he lived his life that day.

There must have been some magic in that
lil' fur ball they found
For when they smoothered him with love
he began to dance around.

O Freddy the ferret
was as sweet as he could be
And the shelter folk say he could laugh
and play just the same as you and me

Dookitty, dook, dook,
Dookitty, dook, dook,
Look at Freddy go
Dookitty, dook, dook,
Dookitty, dook, dook,
Going nowhere slow

Freddy the ferret knew
that help would come one day
So he said
"Let's run and we'll find some fun now before it gets away"

Down through the hallway
with a white sock in his mouth
Running here and there
and everywhere saying
"Catch me if you can."

He led them down the staircase
right to the shelter cop
And he only paused a moment when
he heard her holler "Stop!"

For Freddy the ferret
had to hurry on his way
But he dooked goodbye saying
"Don't you cry,
I'll be back again to play"

Dookitty, dook, dook
Dookitty dook, dook
Look at Freddy go
Dookitty, dook, dook
Dookitty, dook dook
Going nowhere slow.

Written by: Julie

"To the tune of Frosty" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.