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Away from the Manger
(For all fert folks who have ever tried to put a creche under their Christmas tree)

Away from the manger the Christ child has gone --
He was there just this morning, it's not been that long;
It looks like kidnappers climbed up here to play;
The little lord Jesus went missing today!

The camel's tipped over despite Elmer's glue.
There once were three Wise Men but now there's just two;
Gaspar and Melchior are missing their bro --
Wherever did Jesus and Balthasar go?

I looked in the manger and what did I see?
A red plastic ball where the Christ child should be.
The bottommost garland's unwound from the tree --
I think Christmas gnomes have been visiting me!

Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light,
Goatnappers stole all three lambs sometime last night;
And Joseph's knocked down & I fear that he's dead --
There's a wet sticky candy cane stuck to his head!

The Snow Village looks in complete disarray --
An earthquake knocked down several houses today,
The trees were all toppled and dragged far away;
It looks like Godzilla came up here to play!

Looked under the sofa and what did I see?
Two candy canes and a snow village tree,
A pair of my socks and lambs one, two and three,
One potato, two Wise Men, and a stash of Kay-Tee.

Way under the sofa I found him today --
The little lord Jesus asleep in the hay,
With a chunk of Cheweasel to cushion his head.
Next year he'll be up on the mantel instead!!!!!!

Written by: Unknown

"Away from the Manger" used with permission. Please email J.D. to obtain permission before reproducing or linking to this page.